I look down at my naked finger; and think why? Why did things go this way? Why did things end the way they did? Why couldn’t one thing in my life go right, be normal? Or just easy? Sometimes nothing makes sense, but other times I understand everything. My head is programmed around Carter, and although he’ll forever keep me happy, there’s something missing. Him. I know who he is. I’ve been through just about anything and everything with him. We’re in love. Or are we just familiar? Are we fighting for nothing? Or is there actually something special? Sometimes I really wonder. About if it’s worth all this stress and heart ache. If it’s worth all the sleepless nights and frustration. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never fully understand love, but sometimes I feel that’s because I’ve never truly felt it. No one told me it would be this hard, this painful.

So, for right now. My finger can stay naked.

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