Who’s ever made a mistake? Everyone. Who has regrets? Everyone.

Everyone, at least once has fucked up. Whether it been life changing or not. As for myself, my mistake number is probably somewhere in the triple digits. Half of them I have forgotten, some I have learned from, and the rest are ones I’ll never be able to fix or over come. So yeah, I’ve made more than a few life changing ones, all when considered an adult? Funny how that happens.

The real world is hard. It’s even hardened when you know jack shit about what you want, or try and pretend just to keep people happy. But then you try and make yourself happy but it doesn’t work. Because by this time you don’t know what makes you happy because you never got to figure it out in between everyone else and the real world.

There are probably about three I wish I could take back, but obviously I can’t do it. And I know I won’t be forgiven or wanted again. But I’ll always regret. And always wish things didn’t happen the way they did or at all.

But I’m done beating myself up and torturing myself about something everyone does or has done. I deserve to be happy. Now I just need to figure out how to get there. Alone.

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