So Many Questions. 

What question do you ask yourself the most? … Because mine is ” what if ? “, everything, and it sucks. Ever wish you could just be completely sure, like a million percent? Yeah, me too. Every god damn day. It’s incrediable how quickly things can change; people can change; feelings can change.  Constantly wondering if you’re doing the right thing, if it’s going to last forever, if you’re being lied too. You know, pretty much every aspect of your life, you can ask ” what if? “. 

I think back to when I never cared about a different outcome because only that moment mattered. Which now that I think of it, is the BEST way to live because I was always so happy, I never had any expectations so therefore no let downs. Sounds like an awesome life, eh? I know. I used to have it, and would really like to know what I did to not be able to be happy anymore. 

Ever experienced both options? Didn’t work out the first time so you tried the ” what if? ” thought. I have! And honestly, I love the outcome. I am so overjoyed to just have the chance to try out my what if thought, and even more excited that it’s working and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s like that lost feeling has been lifted and I got my shine back. 

Sometimes, your first thought, isn’t the right one. THINK. Key word. 

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