Just. Wow. My mind though. ( gone for reals )

The title of this is so real; yet probably impossible if not medically gone ( which would suck; DONT HAPPEN. please & thanks ) !! But really feels like it! In every which way; whether you make up something so supid ; or something that couldn’t happen no matter what but that’s okay. Just means anyways possible my mind couldnt or shouldn’t go is GONE. Execpt one thing ;

I’ve been laying in bed for a lot of hours now. Doing nothing. No phone. No One Tree Hard ( which is hard BYTHEWAY ). And no screaming son too keep me awake. Nope. I’ve been staring at my wall where a painting hangs with a quote ” Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can come along ” – MARILYN MUNROE

AND ~ best part ~
I’ve had this painting for almost a year, it took me almost 9 months after I got it to hang it up, it sadly got a little rip in it during a move, & been in front of me on this wall I’m looking at and has been since I hung … SO that’s about exactly 3 days shy of 3 months ago. But funny part ? It literally just made me see how real & completely true, ( well I mean for how I feel right now & how I feel my life relates [ just making sure it made sense ] ) it is; because it really freaking is. Real & relatable.

And it’s weird yet brought my happiness back or at least a fair amount, still following ?

So, yeah weird. Best word too use. But I could also use wow. Or just couple if its not broken why fix it ? In a weird way. So yeah, WEIRD.
My life is weird. Its simple & will be noticeable if not already.
Exact truth: one part is weird, JUST kinda happens to be a large size, or maybe just larger then prepared for. But just too big. So it was a shock, not a bad one and once I was able too I could explain why. It was all of a sudden one part I thought was gone or just a dream since it hadn’t happened for reals reals ;; BUT after a too long of a period I felt something, I rememebered, something I loved & something I needed. I wasn’t me without my weird part. My life can’t be normal. Isn’t working! It was a shock I’m glad I got, even what I might have needed.
END. ( weird eh ? )

But anyways,
This post wasn’t supposed to be huge or a story. But I’m totally in the ZONE!
and there’s nothing about any TRUE stories. So this is ;;; thunder before the rain? I DONT KNOW.

The reason why exactly, is my next realization I’m waiting for. But the reasons I have realized and better then imagined are something I’ll try to never lose.

BLOG #1 – Reasons?

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