Lyfe Less0ns [ S.U.C.K ]

I regret saying ” I wish I was older ” for about 5 years of my life; actually until it hit me that I am now 21, my sons 2, I’m working, being a fulltime mom, I have a house, I pay bills every month, I get broke sometimes, budgets, paperwork, stree, heartach; SO pretty much anything that happens in your life that impacts you, teches you & happens that’s meant too. Let’s just say I had way too many signs that show me I am older; older than I was when I wanted to be an adult because being a kid was ” so hard ” ( blah.blah.blah ) I WANT IT BACK. ( well, some days it would be nice ). I notice so much change in Carter, lately something new everyday. But I notice it in myself just as much. Certain things, thoughts, random memory’s, songs & just everything I’ve learned from mistakes I’ve made or interests I’ve had over the years. Its crazy. Things went from shitty. Too worse. Too rocky. Too ” I’m proud of myself & where I’ve gotten myself “. I’m a grown ass woman all of a sudden because I would have sworn I was in grade 6 yesterday giving my mom pre-teen attitude in love with skulls & good at SCHOOL.

Life lesson here; LISTEN too people when they say ” don’t rush your childhood “. Just. Don’t. Be a kid. Love it. Own it. Because you will miss it.

Being a parent myself now brings me back the most, seeing my son, hearing my baby stories; memory’s start too flow. And hell, I miss being my kid. But I love raising my kid. Weird eh? That’s life, warped.

Read in between the lines with life lessons. I swear some are cruel tricks. Or are just plan assholes. Still good ones & helpful lessons. Not too long ago though; I was just getting assholes, big asshole lessons. Seemed unfair & just put me into a numb state of mind because I couldn’t understand reasons for certain things that were happening in my life. But lately; since I beat that feeling, & got my spirit back; I’ve learned so much, grown up & found happiness. Hard work. Goals. Life.

Number one ” too live by quote ”
{“you only get one life, don’t just live it”}

Open your mind. IT WORKS. I’m a work in progress; & might be wrong about life lessons sucking, ( some anyways, )

One day.

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