L0ve & Hat3

I hate how everyone’s so different some days & then hate how everyone is also the same in some ways; and depending on how long it takes to get to know a person or people; you aren’t ever truely happy with a person if your too alike but also if your two different. The whole opposites attract thing is bullshit. At least not for something long term. Sometimes; in my opinion, I need the person I’m with too be like me in some ways, because that means less fighting and its easier too grow with someone if you can compare to one and another in some ways already. Make sense ? Everyone’s different; BUT you need to love yourself before you can love someone else; for real. So loving someone that’s nothing like you even in a small way; there’s no foundation, & it will be harder, or someone will change and end up hating them selves then the person for letting the change. Its all so confusing! Either way you don’t win. But I realized its not about winning , or even bring right ; its about how you deal with it. Together. And the ones that can do that, are actually trying & aren’t wasting there time. The ones that say they fight to much, run away without a real reason, or even just giving up in general shouldn’t be them. Its 100/100 for each person. For the get go. There’s a difference between a fight & an argument. No one should turn it into a fight unless really necessary. I’ve recently made a lot of choices in my life to get to the happiness I want; and too me they are also risks because technically I never know what will happen no matter what I know my heart and mind say. And choice you make is a risk. But a risk is always worth it even of it fails, it’s something you don’t need to ever wonder about & something to learn from.

& I’m happy. It took a while, but I did me & came out on top. Where I wanted to be; but I took a step back. Made a real plan. And stuck too it. Love & hate emotions about life happen, its which one that comes out on top is what matters, something’s take longer to figure out. But don’t pass something up just because you aren’t sure, take it as a delayed yes.

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