Modern LOVE.

I think the key to staying in love, is staying grateful. When you have something and someone good, don’t go looking for better. Learn to appreciate what you have. Learn that the best relationships are the ones where you don’t give up on eachother. We are living in a generation where it is easy to move on and give up when things hard. DON”T. Cherish what you have. Appreciate what has been given too you. Be the story that says “we made it, all the way, because we NEVER gave up or walked away from the love we found with eachother.” People make it because they remind themselves, every single day, just how lucky they are.

The problem in this generation is patient, foundation, structure & COMMUNICATION. People need to talk, people need to listen. Relationships should not be built in weeks, you need to know about the person, build a friendship, the foundation follows, your structure will be solid AND at this point the communication should be easy, at this point that other person should be or feel like your person. Time really does matter.

People of the opposite sex being friends is a problem now because loyalty is DEAD, no one trusts anyone. People are on the side lines trying to ruin things using lies, peoples pasts, secrets told in confidence on a good day, but spread on a bad day. People are in competition with people, for people, WHY? Makes no sense too me, you know someone is taken, involved with someone else, Or if they just DO NOT want a relationship. You can not hate someone for that, you can not destroy people because their feelings do not match yours or they have a;ready given their heart to someone else, it is not up to you to try to change or ruin someones life. It is SELFISH, period.

The amount of messages on my phone from people I haven’t amswered, starts off nice, then complements, BUT now I am a whore, bitch, this / THAT because I CHOOSE not to answer them, my personal life is MINE, simple. I pick who knows what, as should everyone else when it comes to their own business. So that being said, and going with my caption, people assume, ALOT. Especially because I am recently single, out of a long relationship, with kids. I am like prime for shit talking, LOL losers, know nothing so they need to make shit up. ANYWAYS, not what this blog is about, just relatable really.

Modern love, is it even real? Can it be? Yes, I am still in love, shit does not just go away, but am I in a relationship with the person I love? no. Because life. Because we let everyone else in, we listened to the wrong people, we forgot why we loved eachother in the first place, the love died, and so did we on the inside, without even realizing it, modern day love, got the best of us. Like i said, above, loyalty is dead, so technically, so is trust, and without trust no foundation can be built and communicating turns into arguments, Sex fades, cuddles GONE, energy and mood turned to nothing. We hated each other, and why? Our own stupidity. But life goes right? or so it should.

Starting over, in this dating generation is suicide, everyone is damaged, broken, guarded. With good reason, but I want no part in it. Loving yourself matters, healing from your traumas is important, letting go of your past is a must, excepting your mistakes ad faults, is step one. You can no go on blaming anyone else, you can not live your life with regrets. Taking the time you need for YOU is step one in starting over but also in life, you need to enjoy your on company, your home, the things that are already in your life.

This blog was supposed to just be a general thing, but I personalized it a little with some a flash back to my relationship dying BECAUSE WE GAVE UP like everyone does these days.

This is just my take on the world of love these days, and I think it sucks, people fucking suck, you literally can’t even have friends or enjoy a peaceful night anymore. People are always in your damn business. And I write in this again, because someone was in my business…. IMAGINE THAT.

Learn how to love yourself, modern day love, NEEDS YOU TO LOVE YOURSELF, you also need to just do it, for you. No one else.


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