“Just because his moms a moron.”

Words hurt, no matter the situation. Simple, remember that.

I will touch on the caption later on, BUT this blog is regarding words, and what the fuck not to say to someone. People get angry, hurt, happy even and say words they do not mean, that is part of life, we grow into adults and just learn different ways of dealing with or ignoring the “mean” people in the world. BULLY, is the right word but it sounds juvenile to me. Especially when I am referring to grown ass PEOPLE, not children on a play ground. Even though, life is a hell of a lot like recess. People all over the place, watching, judging, TALKING. I always thought growing up would be the BEST, as any child right. But nope, quickly would like to take all of that back, and say to child me ” enjoy it “, I try to tell my son all the time, he thinks the worst thing he is every going to hear is ” no you can not use your ipad right now “, know what I mean? I WISH that was all he had to worry about, thankfully he hasn’t met a “bully” at school who has sent him home crying because of mean words. He has such an innocent mind, I hate thinking about him in the real world, seeing the evil in people like I have over the years. Scares the shit out of me, for Ry too.

You can’t tell me you have NO regrets, and have always said the right things. Because its not possible, emotions are NORMAL, letting them control you, not normal. Using your emotions as excuses for the words you use, not okay. Destroying people, is NOT okay, simple. But when it is for your own selfish reasons, thats worse, and simply inhuman. I have had MANY people try to destroy me, with words, actions, lies. YOU TELL ME. But that does not mean I am going to go out and ruin someones life; or theirs really. Two wrongs don’t make a right, right? Yes one angry person can cause more angry people, but it doesn’t HAVE too. Yes, someone can do horrible things to you, does it mean you need to stoop to their level? heck no. Do you want too though? HELL FUCKING YES, But “revenge” literally gets you no where. OKAY FINE, you feel REALLY good for about a half a second, and then you go ‘ shit ‘. ( unless you are someone I know and you literally feel nothing and continue to stalk ME ).

Do you think words are worse during a fight between best friends? breakups? or between kids & parents? ( I really don’t care about street or bar fights so i’m not mentioning them BTW ). SO, my answer is, now being a parent, Kids and parents get nasty, AS ALL HELL, and it hurts, A LOT. That is your BLOOD, your family, a piece of your heart. Things start to get heated, and words fly. Because parents are children’s safe places, they have no filter, as they shouldn’t NEED one, kids get nasty. WITH OUT meaning too, remember that. My oldest is almost 7, he tells me he hates me when I say no to riding his bike in the snow, I know he doesn’t mean it, he is sorry right away, but IT HURTS, it stings for a couple days. Makes me question, wonder, think about where and how I can be better. It really is a constant struggle between being his friend and having to give him trouble because well I am MOM.

Next, I would say best friends, the secrets, love and trust inside of a friendship causes an explosion when an argument happens. You will not always agree with your friends, their choices. But that’s where the friendship needs to be strong enough; to take the truth, the anger. The parts of life that aren’t all rainbows. Shit happens. LIFE HAPPENS.

Breakups, get so nasty. People forget that they used to love that person; for more reasons then they hate them; I can promise you that. People break up for many reasons; but what is the reason for all of the ugly words ? And why do other people get involved ? Two things I will forever wonder.

*this was in my drafts. I’ll finish it eventually.

– S

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